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  • Erasing devices with very old iOS version. It isn't possible to erase iOS devices if the iOS version on the device is very old (for example iOS 4). The result is the same if you try to upgrade the software using iTunes (you get "error 9"). This problem has surfaced with iOS 9, but there is no far no fix from Apple. If the device has really old iOS version, it is recommended to upgrade the software version from device settings (Settings > General > Software Update) before erasing with B5M. 
  • Erasing devices where original HW components have been replaced by 3rd party components. If HW components of the device have been replaced by 3rd party components, it will not be possible to erase the device with BMDE. In this case the erasure failed reason in BMDE user interface and in erasure report will be "Failed with error 53". Software update will also fail if you try the upgrade from device settings or using iTunes (you get "error 53"). The most common case is that a broken home button has been replaced by a 3rd party button. Apple has fixed "error 53" in iOS 9.3:
  • Apple Device is not detected by Blancco Mobile Device eraserDiagnostics and Erasure.

    • Make sure that the USB Restricted mode is not enabled from the Apple device.
  • USB Restricted Mode is enabled and screenlock is enabled.
    • If device is requesting screenlock and does not show up in BMDE, switch device to recovery mode.
  • Apple device has “Find my iPhone” lock enabled.
    • If "Find my iPhone" is enabled on the Apple device, it can be erased, but it cannot be activated after the erasure while "Find my iPhone" is enabled in iCloud. In order to activate the Apple device, the previous owner must disable Find my iPhone lock from Apple iCloud.
  • IMEI Code is not detected from the device.
    • Some Android devices doesn’t give the complete IMEI when the device is connected.
    • Apple devices doesn’t give the IMEI if the device is in DFU mode.
    • IMEI will be available after the erasure process has been completed.
    • The device doesn’t contain SIM card

  • iOS firmware version xml source selection.

    •  Source where Blancco Mobile Device Eraser Diagnostics and Erasure download version.xml file for Apple devices can be defined in BDME System Settings.

  • iOS Settings.

    •  A-model reporting, and activation related settings (if activation needed)