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  • Unless a specific security regulation requires multiple overwrites, Blancco can recommend HMG Baseline Infosec Lower Standard one-time overwriting for the logical level.
  • In case of compressed data, Blancco’s proprietary overwriting method “Aperiodic random overwrite” (designated as #50 in the software) should be used

    as a secure “Random” overwriting method

    to overwrite with random data.

2. The system being targeted for erasure should be configured so that multiple smaller LUNs exist in place of one large LUN.


  • The /multishred command consumes all available system resources instead of allowing the system to allocate resources to other functions which slows down the erasure speed.

5. Change Use the /buffersize option command in Blancco LUN Eraser to improve efficiency. It is automatically set to dynamically consume as much system resources as possible but can be improved LUN Eraser to change the size of the overwriting buffer. The user can configure the software to choose an optimal buffer size dynamically. Another option is to select the buffer size manually through trial and error by the user. A good recommendation from Blancco is somewhere between between 30 and 50 MB/s. See the user manualsmanual for more information.