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When connecting the USB stick to the system, it might take some time for Windows to install/download the USB drives for the connected device, so be patient before shutting down the "Blancco5Evaluation" software. If nothing seems to happen, try connecting the USB stick to another USB port (for example use USB 2 port instead of USB 3).

More detailed instructions for fixing the issue:

  1. Close the "Blancco5Evaluation" software.
  2. Remove the USB stick from the USB port.
  3. Check that there is no write-protection mechanism on the USB stick. If there is, turn it off.
  4. Connect the USB stick to another USB port (wait until Windows notifies that the device is ready to be used).
  5. Format the USB stick:
    • Go to: Computer.
    • Locate the connected Removable Storage device.
    • Right-click it and select "Format...".
    • Select "FAT32 (Default)" and "Quick Format".
    • Do not use "BLANCCO" as the volume label.
  6. Remove the USB stick and run the "Blancco5Evaluation" software again and follow the instructions on the screen.
  7. If all else seems to fail, try using another model/other manufacturer's USB stick (and repeat earlier the steps if necessary).

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