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The Blancco Drive Eraser evaluation version has only one erasure standard available: HMG Infosec Standard 5, Lower Standard. If your system has an SSD connected, the erasure software will notify that the SSD standard is recommend for erasing the SSD. However, in the evaluation version, the erasure standard change is not possible.

The HMG based standard can be used for SSD erasures, which will equal "Clear level erasure", as determined by NIST guidelines. Blancco recommends the full version of the Blancco Drive Eraser which allows using the actual Blancco SSD erasure standard, which equals "Purge level erasure", as determined by NIST guidelines.

More information about the SSD erasures can be found from this video. More information about the SSD erasure standard and the NIST erasure guidelines can be found from the user manual.

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