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The needs which drive secure virtual machine erasure are the same as for securely erasing physical disks and hardware. Perhaps customer demand is behind the requirement. Perhaps compliance with a security standard or recommendation such as ISO 27001, 27040, 27018, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or the Cloud Security Alliance is the root cause. Finally, perhaps secure erasure has become a competitive advantage in your portfolio and a Value Added Service in a list of other possible security options (such as firewall, encryption and backup) for users to choose from when spinning up a new virtual machine or LUN. Yes, Blancco also has a product called Blancco LUN Eraser which can also be run from ESXi and is used for securely erasing entire LUNs:

Now comes the question:


Manual Operation:
In brief, Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser can be run directly from a host ESXi server by establishing an SSH connection with that server, opening the CLI and manually typing the erasure commands. This is the perfect way to securely decommission particular virtual machines which for some reason or another (most likely customer demand), require secure erasure. See more information about this operation in this video:



If you are using VMware’s own portal, vCloud Director, you can integrate directly into its UI as well:
vCloud Director Part 1:
vCloud Director Part 2: http

Erasure reports:

After every erasure, regardless of the implementation method, a digitally signed erasure report is automatically generated and stored on the host ESXi server. These reports can also be automatically sent to the Blancco Management Console which resides on a dedicated server with its own database in the same network, or even to Blancco Cloud if the host ESXi servers have an internet connection. See a video about the Blancco Management Console here:


More information about Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser can be found from here.

That about sums it up. If you have more questions, please be in contact with your Blancco representative and let them know that you have already read through this knowledge-base article. We look forward to serving you!