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After every erasure, regardless of the implementation method, a digitally signed erasure report is automatically generated and stored on the host ESXi server. These reports can also be automatically sent to the Blancco Management Console which resides on a dedicated server with its own database in the same network, or even to Blancco Cloud if the host ESXi servers have an internet connection. See a video about the Blancco Management Console here:

These reports form a tamper-proof audit trail which confirm that the erasures actually happened, when it happened and with what overwriting method. They can be viewed directly in the Blancco Management Console / Blancco Cloud or exported and sent to internal users, external customers or an external database. The exporting can happen automatically via an API. See more information about the API here:


More information about Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser can be found from here.

If you have more questions, please be in contact with your Blancco representative and let them know that you have already read through this knowledge-base article. We look forward to serving you!