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Blancco Drive Eraser issue report is a detailed report that contains additional system information and log files which can be used to understand and reproduce a problem that has occurred with Blancco Drive Eraser. The issue report file is encrypted and it can only be opened by Blancco personnel. The issue report file's default name is in the following format: "". If the issue report file is opened, for example with some text editor software, the following comment line will be shown: "<entry name="comment" type="string">issue</entry>". This comment entry makes it possible to quickly tell the difference between a normal report, an issue report and a crash report.

If you are having a problem with the Blancco Drive Eraser, and the most common troubleshooting tips and user manual instructions do  do not seem to help, it is time to contact Blancco's Technical Support team. When contacting Technical Support, it is important to include the Blancco Drive Eraser issue report in the contact ticket. It is recommended that the issue report file should be zipped before adding it as an attachment.

To collect the issue report:

  1. Connect a USB memory stick to the computer.
  2. Click the Report issue button, or press F2.
  3. Select the USB memory device from the "Select media" list.
  4. It is recommended to use the default issue report name, but it is fine to add more details to the file name (for example if you are sending more than one issue report).
  5. Write a problem description to the "Problem description" field.
  6. Click "Save" to save the report on a USB stick, or click "Send" to send the issue report to Management Console 4 database.

In addition to collecting the issue report, there should a description of the technical issue included in the support ticket:

  • What is the exact problem?
  • Was there some specific error message?
  • What steps were taken before the problem occurred?

The best moment to collect the issue report is right after the problem has occurred. For example: An erasure process has been finished, but Blancco Drive Eraser reports "Verification failed" for all of the hard drives, even though there should be no obvious reason for this to happen. Now is the best moment for collecting the issue report. The whole erasure process has been completed, and now the issue report log files will more likely show what went wrong in the verification part of the process. If the issue report is collected right after Blancco Drive Eraser is started, and before the verification part fails, then the log files will only provide process details up that point.

In some cases it is not possible to save the issue report (for example system crashes during startup, software freezes during erasure, etc.). In cases like these there is a possibility to collect a Blancco Drive Eraser crash report (Blancco 5 version 5.8.0 or newer).