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Blancco Management Console 4.0 - Release Notes


  • User Interface Update - Blancco re-branding.
    • The full user interface has been updated with a new look to match the full range of Blancco products.
  • Limit the Scope of Custom Fields.
    • Custom fields are now only visible to users or managers that have visibility into reports containing that custom field. This significantly reduces the number of unneeded custom fields when creating a new custom view.
  • Blancco Product Name Updates.
    • Management Console handles updated product names for all coming Blancco erasure client  releases.
  • Improved Live Management User Interface.
    • Users will now only be able to see clients that are meant to be accessible by them. Shared group process management can be controlled in the same way as group reporting. The client's username can now be seen in the live management table.
  • Log Failed Authorizations for API.
    • Extended logging for the API - where user authorization fails, descriptive log entries are available.
  • Improved Speed of License Consumption.
    • License consumption for new HASP keys and HASP-free environments has been improved. Management console can consume multiple licenses in a single transaction, providing a performance increase.
  • HASP Free Management Console for Linux environments.
    • Previously only available when Management Console was deployed on a Windows OS, it is now possible to run a HASP-free installation on Linux.
  • Search recent reports with quick search.
    • The ability to restrict searches to a specific date range has been added to the report view. The default search will be for the latest month of reports but may be set to days, weeks, months, or year from the UI. This increases performance of quick search by excluding irrelevant results.
  • License alert in MC.
    • Users can subscribe to email notifications for low licenses. Selecting the group and threshold allows the user to tailor alerts to their needs. This will prevent unexpected production outages due to licenses running out unexpectedly, before they can be updated by and administrator

Improvements / Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for an issue where, when there are other connections to the MC database exist, updating Management Console could freeze. Connections to the MC database may be interrupted during the upgrade
  • Fix for an issue that caused remotely monitored Blancco 4.x clients to show as completed in the Process Management tables, when they had failed verification
  • Fix for an issue that gave a false negative result when repeatedly testing email server integration settings in Administration.
  • Audit level logging is now fully separated from the main.log application log, to prevent duplication and speed up troubleshooting.
  • Dates in CSV export are now standardized to ISO 8601, without trailing fractional seconds that were previously seen. All dates now follow the format "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss".
  • Fix for an issue with the installer where updating the Management Console could fail if the system had >16GB RAM.
  • Custom defined erasure states in can only be mapped to Failed as a known state. Known erasure states (e.g. "completed with exceptions") cannot be configured to custom erasure states.
  • Date column name in CSV now properly localized/translated, where it was previously shown as an untranslated database path.
  • Multiple invitation emails can no longer be sent to a single recipient. If an existing invitation is requested again, the same token will be sent. Duplicate recipients in the Invite users dialog will be ignored.
  • Fix for an issue where the EULA Agree/Decline buttons are not visible on devices with low vertical resolution
  • Other misc. minor user interface fixes and improvements.