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These general instructions can be used to install a new SSL certificate on a BMC server.


$JAVAHOME\bin>keytool -keystore "<path to>\<keystore_name>.jks" -ext san=dns:Name1,dns:Name2 -genkeypair -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity <#of days> -dname "cn=<domain name>, ou=<yourOrgUnit> , o=<yourOrgOrCompany>, l=<City/locality>, st=<State/Canton/Province/Land>, c=<Country_ISO3166-digraph>" -alias "<domain name>certreq -alias <domain name> -file "<path to>\<filename>.csr"

Step 4: Import the Root CA cert, then the Intermediate CA cert. (everything in <> can be customized)