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Hot Swap function is may not work in certain drive enclosures. Drive Enclosure/s need to be powered on and all drives are ready before powering up the 2U.

  • Power up the drive enclosures - if already powered up make  sure all other data cables (Optical,LAN, SAS etc.) not connected to the 2U HBA ports are unplugged
  • Wait for all drive to stabilize
  • Remove redundancies data cable form the drive enclosures
  • Power up the 2U, wait until all drives have stopped blinking - once up and running, wait a further two/three minutes
  • Wait until Blancco software is up
  • Make sure Management Console tab is connected and showing the correct license count needed
  • Confirm all drives are listed in GUI
  • If not, hit Refresh button and wait few minutes for all drives to be listed
  • If no drive is listed, check cabling and all ports are connected and no redundancies cabling are connected
  • If drives still not listed - hit Refresh again , and wait bit longer
  • Reboot the 2U

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