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  • Advise the rep to open the Wi-Fi utility menu on the SmartChk tablet by tapping the settings icon (gear icon)  at the top right hand corner of the screen to open the settings menu and then clicking the Wi-Fi icon to open the Wi-Fi utility.

  • After opening the Wi-Fi utility, ask the rep to connect to their preferred network. For COR locations, it’s the TDEMO network.

  • If the location is a COR location and TDEMO is not working, they can opt to connect to Mobile Broadband by selecting Mobile Broadband in the Wi-Fi utility menu.



Some commands for TDEMO connection issue:

# To check available wifi :

> nmcli -f SSID dev wifi | tail -n +2 | sed "s/'//g"

# remove ssid (TDEMO) from network manager :

> sudo rm -r /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/TDEMO

# ADD the ssid (TDEMO) to network manager :

timeout 50 nmcli dev wifi connect 'TDEMO' password 'XXXXXXX'

Replace XXXXXXX with TDEMO password.