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As the De Facto Standard for Data Erasure and Mobile Diagnostics solutions, Blancco offers our customers and partners several tailored support options, providing timely resolution for technical issues and inquiries. 

Our Customer Portal ( contains our Knowledgebase Articles, Product Release Notes, User Manuals, FAQ’s, Best Practices, Support Videos and the ability to access our Support Ticketing System for the creation and management of product incidents. Customers and Partners are encouraged to use the Customer Portal for timely resolution, as we collect and organize key elements for quick problem identification and subsequent resolution.   

For any Sev-1 issues, it is recommended that Customers and Partners call our Support Team, numbers listed later on this document. You  You can also find a possible resolution to your issue and create an incident by visiting our Portal at, or simply create a support incident by sending us an email at, whereas a reply will be automatically generated with your ticket number in the subject line.     

Blancco may, at any time, modify the Support Policy and Procedures to reflect market conditions and to better serve our customers. 


Blancco provides support coverage worldwide, and in 10 different languages: English / German / Spanish / French / Finnish / Swedish / Japanese / Russian / Hindi / Korean.  We leverage a multi-tiered support organization to ensure adequate coverage of all reported incidents from our customers. 

All submitted support incidents that are submitted, are tracked with a unique “incident” number “incident number” and can be viewed after logging into to our Incident Management system .  All on the Support Portal.  All incidents are logged with within one of our three main regions (Americas / EMEA / APAC) during local business hours, in which the teams work together to ensure a quick reply and resolution.   Our  Our long-tenured Support Team leverages their extensive product knowledge and customer service skills as a recognized HDI Certified Support Center, to ensure we prioritize our efforts to make our customers satisfied. high customer satisfaction.

Blancco Support Plans

Blancco Blancco’s support operations are designed to meet the varying needs of our clients worldwide, across industries and time zones. Each support plan offers within our Blancco Corporate, ITAD, and SMB Bundles is designed to offer unique features and resources tailored suited for your different business requirements. 

  • Enterprise Support Plan (SPE) 
    This is Blancco’s highest Support Plan offering, included in our Enterprise and Pro-Scale Bundles, delivering 24X7 year-round support and specializing in pro-active proactive support functions designed to ensure our partners and enterprise customers receive the “best-in-class” global support. This plan includes 24X7 year-round support, as well as also includes an option for to add an assigned *Technical Account Manager at additional cost, who will offer personalized guidance, proactive issue prevention, and strategic advice to optimize your performance.
  • Premium Support Plan (SP1) 
    A comprehensive level of support, the Premium Support Plan is included in our Power and Pro Bundles. It is designed to provide our worldwide customers’ application infrastructures the highest level of availability. Blancco’s technical support teams work efficiently to resolve issues and requests and to help take preventive action to avoid future issues, at advanced initial response targets. 
  • Advanced Support Plan (SP2) 
    Designed for customers whose business requires the security of knowing that a Blancco Support Engineer is available to assist them Monday through Friday during business hours, excluding holidays (business hours and holidays may vary by support center). Advanced Support Plan This plan, included in our Essentials, Core, and Select Plus Bundles, includes access to phone/portal/email. Basic Support Plan (SP3)
    End Of Sale - September 12, 2023.

The Initial Human Response is computed based on the time when the incident is submitted to our ticketing system and a human response.
All references relate to 8am-5pm local business hours.
Note: Maintenance Only (MO) is a restrictive option that ONLY includes an exclusive offering reserved for qualifying small businesses, providing access to product upgrades and Knowledge Base accessonly. 

Product UpgradesAbility to upgrade to the latest product versions
Portal SupportAccess to our Support Portal
Email SupportAccess to receive technical support via email
Phone SupportAccess to receive support by calling one of our area offices
Remote Session SupportAccess to host screen share sessions with our support team
Max Customer ContactsThe number of contacts permitted to submit incidents to support
Annual Remote Health CheckUpon request, a yearly 1 hour virtual meeting to review product configuration, best practices and optimizations
Annual Onsite Health CheckUpon request, a yearly half-day onsite meeting to review product configuration, best practices and optimizations
Technical Account ManagerAn assigned senior member of the Technical Support team, to act as customer advocate and host regular meetings to ensure overall account health.
Severity 1-2-3-4Product severity of the incident, described further in the Handbook


A dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) is available for purchase with our Enterprise Bundleand Pro-Scale Bundles, and will be assigned from the Senior Technical Support team within the primary region of business. The role of the TAM is to provide proactive technical advice, best practices and guidance to help you identify and address any potential problems, before they occur.  The TAM has direct communication with key internal stakeholders from our Product Management and Development teams within Blancco, to serve as the voice of the customer/partner and assist with product improvements.  


The following section describes important topics we encourage our customers to consider, in order to expedite the resolution of new Support issues. Support’s actions include environment discovery, problem description, issue investigation, reproduction attempts and resolution. Based on these investigations, Support may provide technical explanations, instructions for configuration changes, workarounds, and in some cases software updates and hot-fix releases. 

Contacting Customer Support