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Enterprise USB Erasure Enablement - 1.3.1 4 and newer
Drive Eraser - All versions



  • The maximum number of licenses that can be written to the USB stick is 250. In addition, the user cannot write more licenses than there are available in the Blancco Cloud account.
  • The licenses are valid for 60 days after creating the USB stick. The validity date for the licenses is carried over from the Blancco Cloud account used during the process and will be used if the expiry is sooner than 60 days. 
  • The user must have an existing Blancco Cloud account before creating the bootable USB drive.
  • Only Blancco Drive Eraser Enterprise Subscription and Enterprise Volume Editions Edition licenses are supported.

  • Report sending to Management Console is not supported. Report must be stored to a USB media and imported manually to Management Console.


Blancco USB Creator

User should have administrator rights

Windows 7 or newer

1GB or more free space on the system disk

1GB or larger USB memory stick - Formatted (FAT, FAT32, NTFS)

Network connection which can connect to Blancco Cloud and existing Blancco Cloud account is required
Blancco Drive Eraser Enterprise Enterprise Volume Edition 6.13.0 or later

USB Stick must have a valid serial number