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Comment: Removed references to old 2008/2012 PXE boot instructions and removed the links to old documentation to enforce usage of the new implementation

Blancco Erasure Software can be "deployed" through network ("network/PXE booted"). Blancco Management Console 3 (or newer) has an inbuilt functionality for this purpose, but in actual larger production use, it is not sufficient enough. Blancco has released a guideline document which can be used to build a network boot environment based on Windows Server 2012 using the Windows Deployment Serviceor Ubuntu Linux.

The documentation describes how to setup Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Windows Deployment Service a network booting environment in order to deploy Blancco Erasure Software ISO images to a target computer through PXE booting. IPXE is the latest open source PXE boot solution with a lot of features. The The reader should have solid knowledge about Installing installing and managing Windows required services, PXE boot environments, firewall settings and TCP/IP communication. Alternatively, you can choose to use gPXE which may offer better compatibility for certain hardware/network cards, especially for Dell servers.

iPXE instructions (with UEFI support) for Windows Server 2016: Please contact Blancco Technical Support for more details.

iPXE instructions for Windows Server 2012:

If UEFI support is required, please contact Blancco Technical Support for more details.

gPXE instructions for Windows Server 2008/2012:



iPXE instructions (with UEFI support) for Linux: Please contact Blancco Technical Support for more details.