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Comment: Removed references to old 2008/2012 PXE boot instructions and removed the links to old documentation to enforce usage of the new implementation

Blancco Erasure Software can be "deployed" through network ("network/PXE booted"). Blancco Management Console 3 (or newer) has an inbuilt functionality for this purpose, but in actual larger production use, it is not sufficient enough. Blancco has released a guideline document which can be used to build a network boot environment based on Windows Server 2012 using the Windows Deployment Serviceor Ubuntu Linux.

The documentation describes how to setup Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Windows Deployment Service a network booting environment in order to deploy Blancco Erasure Software ISO images to a target computer through PXE booting. IPXE is the latest open source PXE boot solution with a lot of features. The The reader should have solid knowledge about Installing installing and managing Windows required services, PXE boot environments, firewall settings and TCP/IP communication. Alternatively, you can choose to use gPXE which may offer better compatibility for certain hardware/network cards, especially for Dell servers.

iPXE instructions (with UEFI support) for Windows Server 2016: Please contact Blancco Technical Support for more details.

iPXE instructions for Windows Server 2012:

If UEFI support is required, please contact Blancco Technical Support for more details.

gPXE instructions for Windows Server 2008/2012:

  • Note: Our earlier network boot environment guidelines were based on this documentation. It can be still used and it does not need to be replaced with the new solution if there are no issues with it. GPXE can offer better compatibility for some hardware including Dell. If you have problems booting specific hardware in an iPXE environment, it is recommended to try gPXE.

iPXE instructions (with UEFI support) for Linux: Please contact Blancco Technical Support for more details.