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  • The Mac EFI firmware is not able to boot from PXE natively (i.e. network booting is not possible).
  • Blancco Drive Eraser can be booted on Macs using a bootable USB-stick (see the FAQ article about Booting on machines with UEFI for more information).
  • On some Macs, booting from a USB-stick will not work, instead boot from a Blancco Drive Eraser ISO image burnt on a CD.
  • If USB boot does not work properly and there is no optical drive available for CD booting, connect an external USB connectable optical drive to the system and try booting from it.
  • Before booting Blancco Drive Eraser, remove any external peripheral that is not required in the erasure process, in particular remove any connected Thunderbolt interface/adapter (they do not react properly to the Blancco Drive Eraser freeze lock removal process and ultimately can provoke the failure of the erasure).
  • Change Secure Boot to "No Security"
  • Change External Boot to "Allow booting from external media"

Handling some specific Apple models: