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  • Currently the SSD Erasure Method is designed to erase SSDs that use the ATA or SAS based interface and support the firmware based erasure commands. For these drives, the recommended and most thorough erasure standard available in the software is Blancco's SSD Erasure Standard. However, if your erasure policy mandates that a different process should be applied for these drives, other options can be selected but a message will appear on the report highlighting that an SSD was erased.
  • If the SSD you are trying to erase does not support the firmware based erasure command(s), or it is not possible to remove the freeze lock, it is not possible to erase the SSD with Blancco's SSD erasure method. 
  • If the SSD-drives are really old models (usually 64GB or smaller), it is recommended that only one SSD should be erased per machine at a time. The success of the erasure can be affected if two drives are attempted to be erased simultaneously.
  • The whole drive should be erased. Do not erase individual partitions. The use of firmware based erasure commands will not work on partitions on an SSD. The whole drive must be erased when using Blancco's SSD method.
  • The SSD should not be connected to the machine through additional pieces of hardware such as USB/FireWire docking stations or PATA/SATA/SAS bridges. These could prevent the software’s ability to issue the firmware erasure command, resulting in a failed process.
  • There should also be no instance of a RAID configuration for SSDs being erased. If two SSDs are attached to the host machine, erase a single drive at a time.
  • If the SSD is not shown on the drive selection screen, or the erasure process cannot be run due to non-access to firmware based erasure command, one possible solution is to change the SSD's mode from IDE/ATA-mode to AHCI/Sata Native-mode (via the appropriate BIOS/UEFI/EFI settings).
  • It is highly recommended that the hard drive's firmware is updated to the latest version.

More details can be found from Blancco 5 and Blancco from the Drive Eraser  user user manuals.