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13-10-2023Drive Eraser v7.3.1 or newer


This article will provide the steps required to enable support for Chrome OS devices with Blancco Drive Eraser.

Step by step instructions

  1. Download the latest Drive Eraser ISO image and Drive Eraser Configuration Tool
  2. Install Drive Eraser Configuration Tool
  3. Run Drive Eraser Configuration Tool, and click the "Load" button to import a Drive Eraser ISO image
  4. Click the Process tab
    1. From the "Connected devices" section, enable all three feature checkboxes
      1. Report per connected device
      2. Hotplug, it is suggested to set the timeout to a minimum of 300 seconds
      3. Chromebook support, it is suggested not to change the port number when using the default 8080 and 8443 ports with the Management Console.
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  5. Click the Hardware Test tab (optional)
    1. Click the "Enable" checkbox
    2. Select the desired Chromebook hardware tests
      1. Configure hardware tests as desired.  Note:  Recommended if using memory test, to set to 1 as multiple rounds will be performed per Chrome OS defined "memory test". 
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  6. Configure remaining settings per your normal process for connection to BMC or Cloud via connections
  7. Save ISO Image