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After logging in to the Entitlement Management System (license activation portal), choose "offline activation". Instead of using the RUS tool, generate the C2V-file using the Management Console's user interface. After generating the V2C-file, user can upload it through the Management Console's user interface to add the licenses to the Management Console's virtual license container.1. Access the Activation Portal (the link is found the email)

2. Log First time activation/Generating license activation
1.    Log in to MC as admin
2.    Go to "Users & Licenses" and then to the "Licenses"-tab
3.    Click "Download license request file" and Save C2V-file
4.    Go to license activation portal
5.    Log in by using your unique product key found in the delivery email
36. Choose "Offline activation"

4. Login to Blancco Management Console
5. Go     Choose "Offline activation”
7.    Upload C2V file and Click “Generate”
8.    Save V2C-license file
Activating license:
1.    Log in to MC as admin
2.    Go to "Users & Licenses" and then to the "Licenses"-tab
6. To generate C2V-file, click "Download license request file"
   a. Save and upload the file to the license activation portal
   b. Click "Generate" and the download and save the V2C-file
7. To upload a V2C-file, click "License activation" in the "Licenses"-tab of the Management Console3.    Click "License activation"
4.    Locate V2C-license file and Click “Submit”
5.    Restart Management Console service. NOTE! The restart is only required during first time activation)