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  1. Open Blancco Drive Eraser Image Configuration Tool, if you don't have the tool installed you can acquire it here: Download: Blancco Drive Eraser Image Configuration Tool.
  2. Select the "Upload" button from bottom right corner and select the Drive Eraser/Drive Verifier ISO you need to configure.
  3. Navigate into "Communication" -tab.
  4. Update the "Hostname / IP" field with your Management Portal "Erasure Client Endpoint" and make sure proper port is defined.


    Erasure client endpoint is region specific, to find out your endpoint follow the steps provided here: How to confirm your Blancco Management Portal erasure client endpoint details?

  5. If you want to save your user credentials update your the "Username" and "Password" fields accordingly with your Management Portal details.
  6. Save the changes, use "Save as" if you do not want to overwrite the previous configuration.