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Setting up Sync Server and Client synchronization enables user to control production BMDE machine (client) through Synchronization Server (another BMDE installation acting as the server).

This will let admin to control Settings, deploy and manage BMDE version, manage workflows and user(s), distribute iOS firmware, printer setup and other configurations. This way admin or supervisors can manage and maintain all of the BMDE stations (client machines) located in the facility from one centralized station (sync server).

Step by step instructions

Synchronization Server IP should be to be a Static IP for non-interrupted connection

Sync Server Setup

  1. Open System Settings in the BMDE login screen
  2. Click on Synchronization Service
    1. Select "Server" under Use Synchronization Service
  3. Select Firmware DL Settings
    1. Verify Version.xml to share to clients is selected as "Blancco Verified"
  4. Select Version Sharing
    1. BMDE Version to share "Latest"

By default, Client machines will use Sync Server default Settings from BMDE Settings. If there is a need to control default settings and modify them for an individual user or all the users "Setting Template" can be used:

Navigate to System Settings > Synchronization Service > Client Settings > "Modify Settings Template".

  1. To edit a field and its value, right click the field to make it active.
  2. Select the default value for the field. This value will be used as a default value for all other users.

    Leaving the field "active" (after right clicking the field) locks down the field and prevents normal users from changing the field. 

    When the Settings Template is configured as below example:

    The actual end user's setting menu looks like the example below and doesn't allow user to change "Language" and "Keyboard layout".

  3. To apply the changes, admin password is required
  4. To finish click "OK"

If there is a need for multiple users for BMDE login accessing different BMDE client stations, follow below steps in the Sync Server. All the added users will be available across all the client stations connecting to this Sync Server

Navigate to System Settings > Synchronization Service > Client Settings > Add User

  1. Enter the username and password
  2. Click "Create"

Client Setup

Below are the ideal or recommended Client Synchronization setup steps. User/Admin can configure sync settings as needed.

  1. Open System Settings in the BMDE login screen
  2. Click on Synchronization Service
  3. Define "Use Synchronization Service" as "Client"
  4. In the "Server address/IP" field fill in the server created under the "Sync Server Setup" chapter
  5. By default it is recommended to enable below options:
    1. Synchronize system settings
    2. Synchronize Users
    3. Strictly follow server (sub-setting for Synchronize Users)
    4. Synchronize firmware
    5. Synchronize version
  6. Make sure "Connection status" indicator is GREEN. If indicator remains red/yellow the connection between this BMDE station and the "server" station is being checked or doesn't work.

After completing the setup the "Server" BMDE installation distributes all the selected settings, users, iOS firmwares and BMDE software updates to all connected BMDE "Client" installations.