1. Purchase Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure from Blancco Web store.
  2. Create a bootable media (CD/DVD or USB) and install Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure. Our recommendation is to have an empty computer (without any OS) for Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure usage.
  3. Double-check that you have an Internet connection available.
    • The connection is required for iOS erasures and license consumption from the Blancco Cloud service.
  4. Create a login credentials for Blancco Mobile Device Eraser and log in.
  5. Navigate to the "Settings" menu and open the "Blancco Management Console" -tab
  6. Insert your user name and password. Refer to the Web Store delivery email for your credentials.
  7. Connect the device you want to erase to the Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure host computer using a USB Cable.
  8. Start the erasure.
  9. When the erasure is successfully finished, save/send the erasure report. Your mobile device is now ready to be sold or recycled.