Problem: "Error creating of MBR.C:\Windows\systems32\diskpart /s C:\\Users\Public\create_mbr.txt”

If the formatting of a connected USB stick fails during the creation process, the "create_mbr.txt" file is not automatically removed from the system. If another USB stick is then connected to the system and is assigned a different drive letter when the USB Creator process is run against the new USB stick, the create_mbr.txt file is updated with a second line referencing the new drive letter instead of overwriting the previous details.

The Create_mbr.txt file contains various commands that are used to make the USB stick bootable. When a previously created Create_mbr.txt file remains these commands still reference the previous drive letter resulting in the "Error creating of MBR" error message and the USB stick will no longer be usable until manually reformatted.

Solution: Delete the create_mbr.txt file from the following location C:\Users\Public\ and recreate the USB stick.
Alternative 1: If there are still issues with writing the MBR, create an empty file named „create_mbr.txt“ in the folder C:\Users\Public and restart the USB Creator.
Alternative 2: If there are still issues with writing the MBR, start the USB Creator Tool and right after, the Windows Disk Cleanup and erase all temp files.