Download firmware from

  • Download service = firmware images are downloaded from the ‘master’ workstation in the local network. This ‘master’ workstation downloads the firmware images from Apple.
  • Apple server = firmware images are downloaded from Apple (default).
  • Do not download = never download firmware images, use the ones that are available on the workstation. If the version information (version.xml) points to a file that is not available on the workstation, then erasure is not possible.

Automatically download firmware when device is connected

  • Enabled = the latest (based on current version.xml) firmware image is downloaded when device is connected if it’s not already available.
  • Disabled = firmware image is not downloaded when device is connected

Automatically update firmware packages

  • Enabled = the latest (based on current version.xml) firmware images are automatically downloaded. Automatic downloads are started after version.xml changes or between a specified time window if ‘Schedule downloading updates between following times’ is defined.
  • Disabled = firmware images are not automatically downloaded

Schedule downloading updates between following times

  • This selection is only possible if ‘Automatically update firmware packages’ has been enabled
  • The firmware downloads are scheduled between ‘Start time’ and ‘Stop time’
  • If ‘Stop time’ is reached and there are still firmware downloads waiting, the current ongoing download is finished, but new ones are not started

Automatically update version information

  • Define what is the interval in days to update the version information from Apple (version.xml file, defines the latest firmware images that Apple supports)
  • If 'Update now' is pressed, then version information is updated immediately (latest version.xml file is downloaded)

System Settings; Synchronization service

  • Version.xml source
    • Blancco: Download the latest "known working" version.xml file from Blancco server.
    • Apple: Download the latest version.xml file from Apple Server.

To make sure that Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure downloads and uses the latest iOS version which is signed, Apple version information needs to be downloaded from the Apple servers.

Follow the instructions mentioned below in order to manage the source for the Apple version information.

  1. Navigate to Login Screen > Settings > Synchronization Service.
    1. If Synchronization Service is disabled you should only see a dropdown menu to select "version.xml source".
    2. If Synchronization Service is enabled, you can manage this settings from your "server" machine, under the "Firmware DL Settings".
  2. Make sure to select "Apple" as an version.xml source

It is required to manually update the information from the Apple servers after changing the source:

  1. Login to the system
  2. Go to Settings > iOS > Update Apple firmware version information manually > click "Update now"