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Blancco PreInstall version <


Windows Update ends up in error "0x80073B92 - 0x20009; The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during PREPARE_ROLLBACK operation" if Blancco PreInstall.exe has been run in the system before starting the update.

This problem may only impact Blancco PreInstall users who makes use of "--no_restore" option for keeping Blancco entry in boot menu.


An EFI system partition PreInstall.exe has created causes some error while Windows Update process doing partition analysis and validation.


  1. Uninstall Blancco PreInstall to remove the EFI system partition.
  2. Run Windows Update.
  3. Install Blancco PreInstall installation package.
  4. Run BlanccoPreinstall.exe to create the EFI system partition again.