Yes, all Blancco Drive Eraser (Server) releases, starting from version 5.10, have hot swap support, but this has to be enabled by using Blancco Drive Eraser Configuration Tool:

  1. Load the BDE image in BDECT.
  2. Enable the “report per drive” setting (Security tab).
  3. Enable the “hot plug” setting (OS tab).
  4. Save the BDE image. After booting it, you will see a “Refresh drive list” button in the BDE UI (Erasure-step). Whenever you plug (unplug) a drive, press the “Refresh drive list” button in order to access (remove) the drive from the UI.

The hot plug mode works with the “report per drive” mode, meaning that one report will be created per erased drive (and not one single report per machine). The hot plug works with HBAs, but it does not work with RAID controllers (unless they are in JBOD mode).

Read more about hot swapping from the Blancco Drive Eraser user manual ("Hot swap capability" chapter).