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If a blank page is shown when accessing the Blancco Management Console  URL, check the following things:

  1. Make sure that the BMC service is running:
    • Start menu -> Run... -> Services -> Locate "Blancco Management Console" from the list, and make sure that it is in "Started" or "Running" state.

  2. If you have recently upgraded your BMC  version, or you have had BMC  installed on the computer at some point, make sure that the web browser cache is cleared and that you restart the web browser after clearing the cache. For example with Chrome this can be done the following way:
    • Go to Settings -> Click "Show advanced settings..." -> Data Security-> Delete browsing information... -> Check the two boxes for: Cookies and Cache.

  3. Make sure that you are actually accessing the correct URL. By default the BMC  page can be accessed by using the following URLs:
    • http://<BMC IP address or DNS name>:8080
    • https://<BMC IP address or DNS name>:8443
    • If you are accessing your BMC locally (i.e. BMC is installed on the same computer you are using to access the site), you can try the following two URLs:
  4. Make sure that your database service is running. If you are using an external database (i.e. not the "embedded" option), make sure that the database service is running.
    1. Shutdown BMC Service
    2. Restart Database service
    3. Once database service is running, start BMC Service
  5. When using MS SQL 2012 (might happen with earlier SQL versions too) it is also possible that the login credentials of the database owner/user have expired. Make sure that you are able to log in with the credentials that were used when installing the BMC 4.
    • If it seems that the password has expired, create a new password and log in again. Log out and log in using the Server Admin (sa) account. Expand the SQL Server tree and go to: Security -> Logins -> Select the database user of the BMC database -> go to General -> Uncheck Enforce Password Policy -> Change the password back to the original password which was used when installing the BMC 4 -> Press OK.