Since Blancco Management Console 3.7.0 and newer, there is no need for individual users to accept the EULA in order to consume licenses from the Management Console.

If Blancco Management Console version is 3.5.0 - 3.6.1, every single user needs to accept the EULA before Blancco erasure products can be used. In case a user is having problems with license consumption (for example: Blancco Drive Eraser / Blancco 5 or Blancco 5 Mobile Erasure Software client is unable to consume licenses from the Management Console), make sure that the EULA has been accepted by logging into the Management Console. 

Note! It is not enough that the company/user group admin logs into the Management Console and accepts the EULA. Every single Blancco Erasure Software user has to log in with their own login credentials.