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01-11-2022Mobile Diagnostics and Eraser - all versions


When attempting to perform the diagnostic testing of a Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro the installation of the legacy Diagnostic application fails.


The Pixel 7 phones only support 64-bit ARM, due to this change to only supporting 64-bit the legacy diagnostic application can not be installed on the Pixel 7 phones.


Changing the Mobile Diagnostic and Erasure software settings so that the latest diagnostic application is used instead of the legacy application allows for the successful installation and testing of the Pixel 7 phones.

Please see the below instructions which cover the steps needed to make this change in the software.

  • Access the system settings from the login page

  • Select Admin Control from the System settings shown and enter the Admin password to access the settings

  • Select Other settings from the list of Admin control options


  • In the Miscellaneous items section, you will see the setting Diagnostics app version change this from Legacy to Latest and click Ok