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Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure - All versions


This article will provide you with the steps on how to collect license history from BMDE machine

Step by step instructions

BMDE License history:

It keeps license history in BMDE host local drive. It can be exported to CSV files so that users are able to trace the activity.

  • Store license history - When enabled, the user can specify how many previous month logs are stored (1-6 months, default value 3 months).
  • To remove log files, click on the trash-icon next to the log file name.
  • Clear old history - Remove all log file histories older than the specified time.
  • Export history to USB - Export all log history to the connected USB drive.

Please refer to the below-attached screenshots.

  1. Click the Setting option then go to the Admin control → Other settings
  2. Attach the USB drive to the BMDE machine and go to the License history.
  3. Click "OK"