Enterprise Erase 4800 is an industrial solution designed for fast, high-volume erasure up to 48 drives per session of loose SAS/SATA/SSD hard drives. The E4800 is a turn-key setup complete with data erasure software and hardware and customizable reporting capabilities. Securely erase data on loose drives on-premise at data centers or in large IT facilities.

  • Product name: Enterprise Erase E4800 Rackmount
  • Old product name: Enterprise Erase E4800 Rackmount
  • Current version: Blancco 5: Version 5.11.2, Blancco Management Console 3: Version 3.8.0
  • Official Blancco web site link: https://www.blancco.com/products/hardware/
  • User manuals: User Manual
  • Related Tools: N/A

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