The license information can be checked using Gemalto Admin Control Center, which can be accessed by navigating to http://localhost:1947 on your browser.

Note! For the license check you will need the HASP HL drivers. Drivers can be downloaded from Gemalto download site.

In order to check license information from your HASP-key:

  1. Plug in the HASP-key to your machine
  2. Open Admin Control Center by navigating to http://localhost:1947 on your browser
  3. From left panel, select "Features"-tab and you should see license information on the screen

If you see only product IDs (and not the proper product names) under the "Product" column, you will need to update license catalog file. Follow below steps to update the catalog:

  1. Download the up to date catalog: Blancco_catalog_definitions.xml
  2. Navigate to "Update/Attach"-tab on Admin Control Center
  3. Click "Browse..." and select the "Blancco_catalog_definitions.xml" file you previously downloaded
  4. Click Apply

After these steps you should be able to see correct product names in the "Features"-tab, when you have a HASP-key attached to your machine.

Please see an example of what you should see within the Admin Control Center below - 

Additionally the process can be viewed 3:09 minutes into the video linked below -