Blancco Management Console activity is logged in detail. Sometimes troubleshooting an issue might require inspecting the log files. 

If Blancco Management Console version is 3.3.x (or newer) Blancco Management Console Self-Diagnostics Tool can be used to automatically collect all the necessary log files.

When using Blancco Management Console older than 3.3.x log files needs to be collected manually from the installation folder of the Management Console. Installation using 3.3.x (or older) collects following log information:

Blancco Management Console log files are in the folder [Installation path]\logs\. Usually this location is: 
In Windows: [Installation path]\logs\
In Linux: [Installation path]/logs

If you have a technical issue that requires contacting Technical Support, remember to include these log files to your Support request (zip the log files into one package).