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Management Portal
Blancco Cloud


This article describes differences in the Report Export (POST) API endpoint between the Blancco Cloud and Blancco Management Portal.

Blancco CloudBlancco Management PortalDescription
Format (Content-Type)multipart/form-dataapplication/json
Authentication methodBasic authenticationAPI keyMore details on API keys available here: API Keys
Supported format of exported reportsXML, CSV, PDFXML, CSV, JSON

There are other Report Export API endpoints available in Management Portal supporting PDF format export see Exporting reports using Management Portal API.

Default container-ZIP

The container in which the exported reports are wrapped in by default.

Can be set to "NONE" to allow exporting the raw reports in selected format.

Supported report fields for filtering
  • Any report field
  • IMEI (blancco_hardware_report.system.imei)
  • System Serial (blancco_hardware_report.system.serial)
  • Erasure State (blancco_erasure_report.erasures.erasure.state)
  • Any custom field
More report fields will be supported in BMP 2.3.1 which allows filtering with any string-based report field.
Dedicated filter to return new reports (was_exported)
Filter logic
ConfigurableAll provided filters need to match

Blancco Cloud allows using conjunction/logical operators (AND, OR) as part of the request.

Management Portal report need to match all provided filters in order to be exported.

Pagination-Large requests are split into multiple request responses using a special header, X-BLANCCO-CURSOR

Blancco Cloud did not implement any pagination and even large data sets were returned within a single response.

Management Portal will split such large responses into multiple separate responses using a cursor provided as part of the response headers.

See Pagination and using cursor as part of Report Export API for more details on how to use this header