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Drive Eraser - All versions
USB Creator


When booting from USB stick which has both the regular Drive Eraser ISO as well as the Drive Eraser "SB" ISO (which support Secure Boot) booting fails specifically for UEFI Secure Boot enabled devices. 


Blancco USB Creator only supports using one bootloader and the bootloader is selected based on the first ISO image selected when creating the USB stick.

As the regular Drive Eraser ISO and the Drive Eraser "SB" ISO have different bootloaders and hence having both of the ISO images in a single USB stick may cause issues with the booting.


The recommended approach is to have two separate USB stick available for the ISO images:

  1. One for the regular Drive Eraser ISO images
  2. Second one for the "non-standard" Drive Eraser ISO images such as the "SB" ISO image which supports booting UEFI Secure Boot enabled devices