Some organizations base their erasure processes upon booting WinPE. Additionally, certain devices (such as some running Intel Atom processors) fail to boot Blancco Drive Eraser / Blancco 5. In both of these situations, you have the option of using Blancco LUN Eraser to securely erase the drive on the logical layer. This is accomplished by downloading a special Windows PE image which has been pre-configured to contain Blancco LUN Eraser inside of it. Download the image from here.

In case you wish to configure and build your own personalized WinPE ISO image, see the detailed instructions in the following Quick Start Guide. Note: You will require an integration package from Blancco to be able to embed Blancco LUN Eraser within the ISO:

The ISO can be burned onto a CD or used on a bootable USB stick. When you boot a device from it, you will briefly see the Windows logo, followed by a blue background with a standard Command Prompt ready for use. Your starting location in the Command Prompt will be X:\Windows\System32

Navigate back to the X: root and then into the Blancco folder. From here, Blancco LUN Eraser can be used to target and erase the drive for secure erasure.

For more information, see the Blancco LUN eraser user manual