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Drive Eraser
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How to boot Blancco Drive Eraser from USB flash media.

Step by step instructions

Once the Blancco Drive Eraser ISO has been configured (using Drive Eraser Configuration Tool) and loaded onto a bootable USB drive (Blancco USB Creator Tool). Insert your bootable USB media with the Blancco Drive Eraser software and turn on/reboot your computer. 

Make sure that you have set the primary boot device to USB, or have selected the correct boot device from the boot menu. 

On most systems you can access the boot menu by pressing the boot menu key repeatedly during the POST (Power On Self-Test) as soon as the computer has been turned on. If the Windows Logo appears, you are too late, restart the computer and try again.

Boot Menu Key examples by device Manufacturer (note that this is not a complete list of possible keys):

ManufacturerBoot menu keys
DELL (Desktop/Laptop)F2, F12
DELL (Server)F11
HP (Desktop/Laptop)ESC, F9
HP (Server)F11
LenovoF12 (Fn+F12)
AppleOption (press and hold after the startup chime)

If the Blancco Erasure Software does not start (or the system boots to an existing operating system) make sure that you have created the bootable media correctly.

If all the steps above fail please contact Blancco's Technical Support team by creating a support ticket.