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These instructions will provide the necessary steps to update an existing printer layout when the labels used in a label printer attached to BMDE are changed.

Step by step instructions

  1. Login to the BMDE workstation, and make sure printer labels are loaded, the printer is powered on, and connected via USB
  2. Navigate to "Settings" and then "Printer"-tab
  3. Under Page Size select the size of the labels in use in the label printer
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and select the print layout you would like to edit. Then select "Edit"
  5. Right click on an empty area of the layout and select "Properties"
  6. In the '"Properties" menu select the paper size in mm that most closely matches the paper size in inches
  7. Make sure that "Use matching paper size" is not checked
  8. Adjust page layout so it is in the format that is correct for your use case

  9. When completed select "Test print" to verify the label prints correctly