Occasionally, when Blancco Drive Eraser is running on a mode where the drive hotplug is enabled, pressing the button to refresh the list of drives can end up in the following situations:

- The erasure progress on some drives is reset.
- Some drives start collecting errors (visible in the Erasure-step, Advanced-mode).
- Some drives disappear and do not return.

These issues can occur when the operator presses the “Refresh drives” button AND there is an ongoing erasure. It is advised to use the “Refresh” button when erasures are either completed (successful, failed or canceled) or not started at all.

In order to reduce the need to refresh the drives, find below some recommendations (valid for any Drive Eraser version prior 6.3.0):

- The operator should handle batches of similar capacity drives (e.g. a first batch of 1TB drives, a second batch of 2TB drives, etc.). This will allow the erasures to be completed roughly at the same time on all connected drives.

- Once all connected drives are erased and the reports are saved, the operator should disconnect the drives, connect a new batch of similar capacity drives, then refresh the list of drives. If issues arise between batches (drives not detected), it is recommended to reboot the machine (making sure that all the drives of the new batch are connected): this procedure will ensure that all connected drives are properly detected.

If there are drives which erasure appears stuck at 0%, this may be a normal behavior and it is advised not to press the “Refresh” button under any circumstance but wait until the erasure starts progressing. More information in this article.

It is always recommended to use antistatic wrist strap to prevent electrostatic discharges (which can be a cause of hardware failures).