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Management Console 5.4.0 (or newer) with Elasticsearch enabled

Blancco Cloud



Starting from Blancco Management Console version 5.4.0 there are changes implemented to Quick Search functionality available on the Reporting-view. These changes apply to Blancco Cloud and any on-premise version of Blancco Management Console utilizing Elasticsearch functionality.

Due to these changes, some search parameters which used to work properly prior to update, may now return different set of results.

The major change is the introduction of "break characters" or "boundary characters" which will cause the search parameter entered to be split into multiple separate search words. Most of the special characters (ie, slash/back slash, hyphen, double quotes, space) are treated like this. Exceptions to this rule are single quote, dot, semi colon and underscore, which are not considered as one of these break/boundary characters.

Additionally wildcard characters are no longer allowed when using Quick Search and searches containing wildcards will fail.

Below table will list some basic examples and explaining how the changes affect usage of the Quick Search.

Quick SearchBehavior before 5.4.0Behavior on 5.4.0 (and newer)
SSD SM0128GReturns reports where the field (disk model) exactly matches "SSD SM0128G"Space considered as "break character" and search is broken into two searches "SSD" and "SM0128G". Returns all results matching either one of the words.
CF-12345/ABCReturns reports where the field exactly matches "CF-12345/ABC"Hyphen/dash and slash are considered as "break characters" and search is broken into three searches "CF", "12345" and "ABC". Returns all results matching any of these three values.

If you need to run a search where the results need to exactly match with the search criteria, this can be achieved by editing your custom view and adding the search criteria to the "Filters" section.