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When erasing drives with the H310 Raid Controller if the raid functionality is configured to be enabled, the erasure will take an excessively high amount of time.  

In an example of this scenario a 500gb hard drive took in excess of 200 hours to erase. 

This occurs due to the Raid Controller Card being set to be raid capable within it's own BIOS. 

To resolve this, please change the controller from raid capable to non-raid capable, please find instructions on how to do this below - 

For more detailed instructions regarding this process, please see pages 41 and onwards from the link below - 

Dell PowerEdge RAID Controller (PERC) H310 User Guide

1. Press to access the PD Mgmt screen.

A list of physical disks is displayed. The status of the each disk is displayed under State.

2. Press the down-arrow key to highlight a physical disk.

3. Press to display the menu of available actions.

4. Press the down-arrow key to highlight Convert to Non-RAID.