By default, Blancco Management Console 3.6.0 (and newer versions) allow users to import up to 10Mb report files (batches). When migrating the old report .xml files or transferring other report batches into new BMC installation, exceeding 10Mb, user might need to manually change the default values for the maximum import batch size to be able to successfully run the import.


  1. Make sure that there are no production/erasure related things going on and STOP the Blancco Management Console service.
  2. Navigate to the Blancco Management Console installation folder and search the file "". By default, the file can be found from the following location:
    • C:\Program Files\Blancco\Blancco Management Console\apache-tomcat\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes\    
  3. Make a copy of the "" file (backup) and edit the original one.
  4. Find following lines:

  5. The 10 Mb limit for importing reports can be increased by editing these values accordingly.

    • import.max.size (defines import maximum size in bytes (no maximum with -1))
    • import.max.batch.size (defines import batch maximum size in bytes (no maximum with -1))
  6. Save the changes and START the Blancco Management Console service.

NOTE! Setting the batch size and maximum size to unlimited may affect the performance and stability of the system when importing large batches of reports! Consider limiting the batch and maximum size instead of using unlimited values.