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Mobile Diagnostics and ErasureN/A


If Android device fails erasure due to one or more packages failing to uninstall, those packages can be whitelisted to run erasure on a device. 


Failed to uninstall whitelisted packages. Blancco does not guarantee that the device was erased successfully. Please contact your Blancco representative for more information. Packages: [LIST OF WHITELISTED PACKAGES HERE]. 


This informational message is caused by specific applications integral to the Android OS, for a lot of times these are OEM/manufacturer implemented packages or similar. It is not possible to uninstall such packages and to process such devices packages can be whitelisted. When a package is whitelisted it doesn't fail the erasure process if the uninstallation for it fails. 


By default only users with Admin access to BMDE station can whitelist packages. Currently whitelisted packages can be viewed under "Settings" → "Android"-tab.


Two options exist to resolve this issue: