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Removable Media Eraser 2.3.1 - Release notes

Bug fixes:

  • Custom fields disappeared from UI after clicking on Settings button.
  • Incorrect position of explanation text.
    • When you disconnected all devices while the software was minimized the normal overlay text was misplaced in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Erasure with settings dialog open.
    • If automatic start of erasure was enabled and had settings dialog open the software could crash when a device was attached to the system.
  • GUI stopped answering after long run.
    • Due to an issue in the license handling the software could stop answering after being running for many days.
  • Changing custom fields during erasure didn’t affect the value.
    • The fields can no longer incorrectly be changed for an ongoing erasure.
  • UI didn’t say what format should be used for MC server address.
    • User is now guided by example in the setup tool.