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Management Console 5.0 - Release notes

Highlighted features:

  • MC-5592 - Automatic Report Archiving (ARA).
    • Configuration is available only through file.
  • MC-5781 - Verification percentage in PDF reports.
    • Displays verification percentage used within the erasure results section of BDE, LUN and BRME reports.
    • Viewing reports in browser does not include the verification percentage, only in PDF exports.
  • MC-5637 - Drop group name unique constraint.
    • Group name uniqueness is not anymore restricted.
    • They must be named uniquely only in relation to their sibling.
  • MC-5778 - Erasure report notification in Two Way Communication.
    • Whenever MC receives an erasure report from job spec driven erasure client, the event will be notified to AMS.
  • MC-5714 - Elasticsearch availability for Standalone installations.
    • When enabled, Management Console will copy report data into Elasticsearch service and utilize it in report searches.
    • This will drastically decrease load in relational database side.
    • Upon installation there is an option to enable Elasticsearch feature. When enabled it is not possible to disable it anymore, unless a new installation is done.
    • It is recommended to enable it only if reports exceed millions to perform the search faster.
  • MC-5741 - Dropping MySQL support.
    • Dropping MySQL support from the installer.
    • MC 5.0 onwards installer does not offer MySQL as an option in the database selection.
    • In addition, this applies also to updates, i.e., old installations with MySQL database cannot anymore be updated to MC 5.0 or newer.

Known issues:

  • MC-5829 - Enable and fix report editing.
    • Report edits is disabled with 5.0 as we found minor issues.
    • Report edit feature will be enabled back with the 5.0.1 minor release by the end of April, 2019.