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  1.  (Optional) If you are running erasures from many different ESXi hosts, rename the all.xml on each ESXi host so that they will not be confused and mixed up later. You can do this by opening an SSH connection to each ESXi host, navigating to the erasure report location and giving the following command (In this example, the new name of each all.xml will actually be each host's IP address to make it easy to differentiate them).
    • mv all.xml hostIP.xml
  2. Copy or move the reports to the data store.
    • cp hostIP.xml /vmfs/volumes/datastore
  3. Access the data store (this can be done in many different ways although vCenter Server and the vSphere Client are the most common methods) and download all of the erasure report files.
  4. Move to a computer which has internet access and navigate to where you can login with your credentials and upload the reports.