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  • MC-6074 - Adding new features to the dashboard and existing BI widgets.
    • New widgets added: Report Field; Mobile Device count; Minor changes to the old widgets.
    • The new widgets will work only if Elasticsearch is enabled.
    • For the Blancco Cloud it is enabled by default.
  • MC-6100 - Support for BMDE - Device Image Validation licenses was adde.
  • MC-6134 - Closed RMI Registry port.
    • BMC security was improved by closing RMI default port.
  • MC-6012 - UI and API for managing workflow storage.
    • Workflow storage is now introduced in MC.
    • BMDE will utilize the functionality via MC.
  • MC-6021 - Drive Eraser - Server Edition renamed to Drive Eraser - Volume Edition.
  • MC-5496 - Usage Statistics – To improve the product we collect anonymous usage data.
    • No personal data is collected.

Known issues:

  • MC-6215 - In License History Reporting, managers created after license consumption may see results inconsistently w.r.t date range.
    • If a manager is created into a group that has existing license consumption events, those may not be visible in the expected way when date range filtering is used.
  • MC-6210 - The top-list in the Report field widget is not sorted.