Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure 5.0.1 - Release notes

  • As communicated over the last few releases, the legacy diagnostics app has been removed from BMDE 5.0. The new Diagnostics App supports iOS 11 and above, Android 5.0 and above.
  • For Customers having a diagnostic process where the diagnostics app is installed on one BMDE setup and then report uploaded on another BMDE setup. It is important that both these BMDE setups are updated to version 5.0 to get diagnostics working. 
  • For Apple devices the Provisioning Profile dates in diag 4.10 with Expiration Date: 19-Mar-2024.

General Notes:

  • It is highly recommended that anyone running BMDE 5.0 should update to 5.0.1 to ensure smooth operations.
  • This is a fix release that includes fixes for iOS activation / Wi-Fi setup, Advanced FMIP and Diagnostics status reporting after tests re-run in Blancco application.
  • Also a fix for camera resolution is included. Once BMDE is updated to 5.0.1 version, users using the camera feature need to re-configure camera in BMDE settings.