Management Portal 2.3.2 - Release Notes


  • Channel Partner Support.
    • Added new customer type: Channel.

    • Channel customer (tenant) can add sub-customers (sub-tenants).

    • Sub-tenant can function as normal customers within BMP and can be managed by Channel Partner or Blancco.

    • Channel customers can have only 1 level of sub-customers currently (Tenant has sub-tenants).

  • UX Improvements.

    • Added Red and green chart colours in Dashboards.

    • Update EULA UI.

    • Updated create password UI.

    • Logout users after BMP update.

  • Blancco Mobile Solution Support.

    • BMS filter in report custom views.

    • BMS default configuration changes.

    • Add BMS NTF fault code category localizations.

Bug fixes:

  • Total 52 bugs were fixed in this release.