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Eraser for Apple DevicesN/A


When performing the erasure of an Apple T2, M1 or M2 system the erasure fails with the erasure failure reason of "Apple configurator error".


There are several possible causes for this issue which are detailed below.

  • The installed Apple configurator isn't the latest version.
  • There are outstanding updates for the macOS that the Eraser for Apple devices software is running on.
  • The macOS on the system being used is older than the version running on the system that is being erased.


As there are several possible causes for this it is recommended to perform the below action and if the issue persists change the system being used to one that is compatible with the latest macOS.

  1. Apply all updates for the macOS
  2. Apply all available updates for the Apple configurator
  3. Upgrade to the latest macOS version if supported